Amazon has changed a lot of things since it first hit the scene. Nowadays, more people are shopping online than ever before, and some of this major change can be attributed to Amazon. One reason why more and more people are enjoying online shopping is because the shipping game has changed significantly over the years. Believe it or not, some of these changes can be attributed to Amazon, too.


Shipping Arrives Faster

One reason why many people did not like to order items online in the past was because they had to wait so long to get their products in the mail. Of course, there is a bit of delay in the instant gratification that a person can enjoy when ordering online products, even with faster shipping. However, customers can get their products much more quickly with the help of Amazon’s faster shipping. Now, Prime customers can enjoy free two-day shipping. Many products can be shipped even more quickly for an increased shipping fee.


Larger Items are Shipped More Often Now

In the past, the cost of shipping large items like televisions made it more worthwhile to purchase these items locally instead of ordering them online. However, Amazon has figured out ways to ship bigger items for more affordable prices, meaning that there are much fewer limitations now about what people order online. Their dimensional shipping model, which is much more effective for shipping larger packages, has now become an industry standard, so it isn’t just Amazon and its customers who benefit from this changed and improved model.


Drones are Being Used for Shipping Purposes

Even though a lot of people are interested in playing around with drones, they don’t really know about all of the ways that they can be used practically. Believe it or not, Amazon has actually started using drones as a means of shipping certain products to their customers. In the next few years, Amazon hopes to expand this offering even more.


Every Day is Now a Delivery Day

In the past, it was not possible for customers to receive products on Sundays. However, nowadays, Amazon customers can actually request to receive their products on Sundays.

The shipping game has changed a lot because of Amazon. Not only can Amazon customers benefit from these changes, but customers of other online retail sites can enjoy many of these perks, too.