Commercial truck driving definitely has its own reputation. With its long hours and endless days away from home on the road, many people never consider commercial truck driving as a potential career path. However, according to a report from 2017, the trucking industry needs to hire 900,000 drivers to meet the demand for more truckers.


The Need for Truck Drivers

With what little is known about the world of commercial truck driving, it makes sense that most people aren’t interested in pursuing it as a career. However, there are many benefits to the job that most people miss. In order to replace the increasing number of truck drivers that are retiring, the industry needs more millennials to step up and take their place.

Many young people never consider commercial trucking due to the lifestyle associated with trucking, as well as the requirement of a CDL license. The cost to receive training for a CDL license can sometimes cost upwards of $8,000. Moreover, would-be truckers have to be able to meet the health and physical requirements, in addition to being 21 or older in order to cross over state lines. Most millennials interested in pursuing commercial trucking instead of going to college are discouraged as they don’t they don’t meet the age requirement.

Finding millennials with a genuine interest in the trucking industry is as significant an issue as the age restriction. Companies trying to attract younger drivers are doing so by adding more benefits. For example, drivers for UPS receive full healthcare, a 401K that UPS matches, and a full pension. Coincidentally, UPS isn’t lacking in its number of drivers.


Women in Commercial Trucking

As the commercial trucking industry is currently male-dominated, many companies are doing what they can to attract more women to the industry. The Women In Trucking Association works to create a feeling of community amongst women drivers in order to encourage more women o consider trucking as a career.

Ellen Voie, CEO, and president of the WIT asserts that today’s truckers rarely experience physical exertion thanks to technological advancements. Most truckers today use hydraulic lifts and dollies, making the industry more accessible to workers of all genders. Likewise, Voie finds female truckers are more conscientious when it comes to their own safety and the safety of the equipment and their packages. With more women in the industry, commercial trucking companies would be able to easily fill their open positions.

Millennials looking to start their careers or experience a change in their current job should look into trucking. As the industry has changed significantly in modern times, millennials may find that the benefits and flexibility of the job make commercial trucking that much more attractive.