Trucking is still an important part of the United States economy and lifestyle. Without trucks, factories would shut down, the retail, industry would disappear, and citizens would be left without basic needs like good medical care, food, and waste removal.

The trucking industry is a vital part of today’s economy in the United States. They are responsible for delivering supplies, raw material, and merchandise that citizens count on having access to. Trucks relocated 70 percent of all freight that is moved within this country. Everything from waste removal to the food supply relies on truckers. If the trucking industry were to stop, so could, quite possibly, the country. People would be left without the most basic necessities and most businesses would not survive.

Almost all sectors of the economy depend upon the trucking industry. This keeps it a strong and necessary business model. Only something as large scale as a natural disaster or terrorist attack could halt the trucking industry. If this were to happen, most other industries would be affected within 24 hours. Hospitals would run out of medical supplies, gas stations would run out of fuel, and the mail system would shut down.

Just in the United States alone, the trucking industry is responsible for moving nearly 700 billion dollars worth of goods each year. Raw materials like stone or lumber are transported by truck to manufacturers. Once that manufacturer completes their products, trucks are used to move those items to a distribution center, and from there trucks will carry the products to retailers throughout the country.

As a vital part of the economy, trucking not only keeps other industries going, but it provides jobs for a large number of Americans. There are approximately 800,000 truck drivers currently employed. Together these people earn $30 billion per year. Whether the individual is an owner operator, works for a small trucking company, or is employed by a large freight hauler, all truck drivers are contributing to the strength and health of the economy. Their wages allow them to purchase items that help other industries to thrive.

When one stops and considers everything that depends upon the trucking industry, it is easy to see why trucking is considered to be a vital part of a healthy economy. Without it, the nation would unable to transport basic necessities within communities across the country.