One of the fastest evolving fields is logistics and, as technology makes everything more efficient, logisticians will be adapting those innovations in exciting ways. Since logistics covers everything from warehouse operations to shipping products, there is no limit to the opportunities available to those interested in pursuing this career field. Additionally, there are some unexpected advantages to developing a career in logistics.

Every Work Day Will Bring Something New

There are many points in the chain of supply at which logistics are utilized and, no matter where you’re stationed along that chain, you’ll find plenty of variety to keep things interesting. You may be working with new start-up companies, as well as with representatives for larger corporations. If meeting people and learning a little bit about a variety of businesses intrigues you, this may be just the career you need.

Advancement is Only Limited by Your Ambition

Even if you only have a G.E.D., you can rise quickly in the field of logistics. For instance, you might start out as a truck driver and work your way up to become a driving instructor or an area supervisor. Pursuing a career in logistics can lead you as high up as operations manager and, adding some education to your credentials over time, you may even be able to expand beyond that position.

You’ll Get to Travel

Even where you may work for one manufacturing company, you’ll often get to travel to other locations or you’ll be invited to attend conferences and conventions in exciting locales. Additionally, you may travel overseas to see how other businesses are adopting new distribution and warehousing practices.

Working with the Tech

As previously mentioned, the rapidly evolving tech industry is changing how products are stored, inventoried, and shipped. In particular, Amazon’s customized shipping options are forcing many in logistics to re-examine how they ship their own products. The introduction of drones, smart technology, and self-driving vehicles are all coming together to make logistics more efficient for the distributors, as well as for the consumer.

A Sense of Fulfillment

If you like working on something that you can complete with a sense of satisfaction, logistics can also provide that. You’ll be responsible for making sure products and raw materials get where they’re supposed to be. This can often be challenging, due to problems ranging from manufacturing downtimes to traffic issue and road work. This will mean communicating with everyone along the chain of supply to help resolve issues as expediently as possible. Solving these problems can be a rewarding experience.

In short, a career in logistics is one which promises job security, growth, and exciting challenges. For many, it becomes a pathway to success, even when their educational options are limited. If you’re willing to start at the bottom and work your way up, you may find a rewarding life as a logistician.