Did you know there are downloadable logistic apps? Logistic companies utilize mobile devices to monitor and manage their operations, inventory, shipments, and records. Whether you own a Samsung or an iPhone, these apps will make your life in logistics easier.

Logistic apps are here to make managing and monitoring the process easier and more efficient. If you haven’t noticed, efficiency is a major buzzword in this industry. Mobile technology introduces the advantage of having a paperless option for companies. Eliminating the paper based process, instant mobile reports are at the touch of an app.

1. Logistics

What many companies in the logistics industry consider to be the number one tracking app, is literally called “Logistics”. Logistics is an app that allows you the capability to track shipments, drivers, vehicles and even clients all at the same time right from a mobile Android device.

Through this app, supply chain becomes much more easy to function and manage. Using this app will expand your operation capabilities. With a swift swipe, you can maneuver through this extremely user-friendly app for a vast majority of your needs.

2. Scandit

Bar scanning is made easy with Scandit. No longer do companies need to rely on outdated devices to scan, but with a free, downloadable app, you can upgrade your company’s performance. Following trends in the industry, this app makes trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) possible. You are only one app away from eliminating the stress of barcode scanning.

3. EazyStock

One of the first things you’ll read on EazyStock’s website is “Cut operating costs and maximize sales by optimizing inventory levels.” To any logistics company, this is more than appealing. Through the use of cloud based storage, all of your inventory will be stored in one place. Instead of guesswork cutting into your profit margins, you can reduce your costs and raise your availability of items, thus increasing your profits.

4. Evernote

Although this app can be utilized by anyone and everyone as it isn’t logistics specific, Evernote is still a tool to the logistics industry with advanced file organization and other important documents or images. For CEOs and other company employees that need to record memos, this app has a voice recording ability built in so you can save time from typing or writing it all out. Organization is made easy in the logistics industry with Evernote.