Do you experience wanderlust on a frequent basis? Do you dream of travelling the country and not being tied down by an office job? Do you like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts and simply don’t have the time? Are you looking to travel full-time but also be compensated well?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to seriously consider getting your Class A Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL, and become a full-time truck driver.  Why should you consider becoming a truck driver?  There are numerous benefits, including these four highlights.

1) Satisfy Your Wanderlust Craving

Do you want to explore the country in places you would never go otherwise besides driving it? Do you want to be able to stop your work day at any time to check out exciting attractions and beautiful scenery across the country? Truck driving might very well be for you.  You can see as much or as little of the country as you want by becoming a trucker and applying for trucking jobs that best fit your busy schedule and needs.

2) Have Home Time Between Drives at Sought-After Lengths

Companies like Roehl Transport offer various increments of home time versus drive time to meet the various needs of their truckers.  For example, here are some options they offer:


  • “7/7. Get up to 26 weeks off a year, driving 7 days out with 7 days at home.
  • “7/4-7/3. Average 120 days off each year and get home every other week. Drive for 7 days with 4 days at home, followed by another 7 days with 3 days at home.
  • “14/7. Get high miles and extended home time. Drive 14 days and enjoy 7 off.
  • “Regional/Dedicated Fleets. Regional fleets offer weekly home time. We also have some dedicated fleets that feature weekly home time.
  • “Local Fleets. Our local drivers are home every day. Many of our local truck driving jobs are based out of our terminals.”


3) Control of Your Pay Rate

Drop off a delivery in a shorter amount of time than scheduled? Remain accident free for a prolonged period of time? Remain with the same transport company for numerous years? These are all means you have within your control to earn you bonus after bonus.  Some fleets of trucks work on teams and rack up points to earn bonuses together.  Others offer individual bonuses.  There are numerous things you can do to increase your pay, as well, when you are a loyal, long-time employee.  By being a trucker, you can be more in control of your financial future than many other careers.

4) Rest Assured that You’ll Have Job Security

The trucking industry has been around for an extended part of history, and it is not going anywhere fast.  With almost a constant shortage of truckers in the industry, you can rest assured that you will always have steady job availability as a trucker.

Interested in finding trucking opportunities? Visit websites such like to find the perfect opportunity for you!

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